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Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734

(609) 971-2020

(Ocean County)




Navy, Grey, & Cardinal

Athletic Director
Karen Hughes

Tom Pfister
(13th Season in 2018)

Mike Stuppiello
Jeff Gauthier
Craig Moser
Luke Fernandez

SJ Group 3




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1 State Champ
(Russ Witt - 1997)

10 State Medalists
(Last: Gutierrez - 2017)

12 Region Champs
(Last: Gutierrez - 2017)

37 District Champs
(Last: Gutierrez & Garrity - 2017)


Career Wins - 110
Matt Garrity - 110

Season Wins - 42
Lex Knapp
Hunter Gutierrez


Matt Garrity - 110
Dennis Whitby - 109
Frank Maugeri - 104
Russ Witt - 100

Lacey Wrestling

Overall Record:  6-3  /  Shore Conference:  3-1  /  B-South:  3-1

1/13: Lacey  64  -  Vineland  18
106: Jon Moncrieffe (V) by forfeit
113: Colin Rolak (L) p. Ben Robinson  3:09
120: Hunter Gutierrez (L) by forfeit
126: Adam Krinic (L) p. Michael Druker  2:54
132: Saul Mayorga (L) p. Carlos Rodriguez  2:42
138: Luke Moynihan (L) p. Camden Watts  3:37
145: Evan Cyphers (L) by forfeit
152: Luke Gauthier (L) by forfeit
160: Trevor Krinic (L) p. Giancarlo Scarpa  1:19
170: Jackson Brandt (L) md. Joseph Carter  15-2
182: Quint Kearns (L) p. Angel Garcia  1:05
195: Vincent Ceglie (L) p. Tim Jones  3:49
220: Octavian Cruz (V) p. Mario Ramirez  1:49
285: Jonathan Morris (V) p. Jon Rioux  2:10

1/13: Lacey  45  -  Oakcrest  30
220: Enrique Tabora (O) p. Mario Ramirez  0:19
285: Jon Rioux (L) p. William (Payne) Marker  1:30
106: Hayden Horsey (O) by forfeit
113: Frank Gabriel (O) p. Colin Rolak  3:58
120: Hunter Gutierrez (L) p. Billy Fifer  1:30
126: Saul Mayorga (L) p. Malachi Shelley  2:00
132: Adam Krinic (L) p. Connor Bond  1:59
138: Luke Moynihan (L) d.Reec Kreischer  6-4
145: Evan Cyphers (L) p. Joshua Mensah  4:55
152: Luke Gauthier (L) p. Albert Long  3:47
160: Javier Tabora (O) p. Trevor Krinic  0:58
170: Jackson Brandt (L) d. Cameron Garcia  2-1
182: Quint Kearns (L) d. Kal-El Corbitt  7-0
195: Keevon Berry (O) p. Vincent Ceglie  3:03

1/12: Pt Boro  35  -  Lacey  16
126: Hunter Gutierrez (L) md. Jack Bailey  8-0
132: Jake Magley (PB) d. Adam Krinic  6-5
138: Ty Bailey (PB) d. Luke Moynihan  8-4
145: Luke Gauthier (L) d. Spencer Robinson  8-1
152: Francis Marshall (PB) tf. Logan Carter  23-8 5:56
160: John McTaggart (PB) d. Trevor Krinic  7-3
170: Ryan Sansone (PB) d. Jackson Brandt  5-4
182: Quint Kearns (L) d. Dylan Ippolito  3-1
195: Billy Borowsky (PB) d. Vincent Ceglie  5-1
220: Gabriel Fattizzi (PB) d. Gerard O'Connor  4-1
285: Anthony Bonavito (PB) md. Jon Rioux  10-1
106: Nick Torre (PB) tf. Nicolas Terzo  15-0 5:47
113: Ben Sabo (PB) d. Colin Rolak  10-3
120: Saul Mayorga (L) by forfeit

1/10: Lacey  48  -  Jackson Liberty  21
170: Jackson Brandt (L) p. Jordan Gomes  2:09
182: Quint Kearns (L) md. Tristan Terranova  12-1
195: Chavis Coleman (JL) d. Vin Ceglie  3-1
220: Gerard O'Connor (L) p. Massimo Bottino  1:26
Hwt: Jon Rioux (L) by forfeit
106: Romeo Willis (JL) d. Nicolas Terzo  9-3
113: Dorian Hall (JL) p. Colin Rolak  3:25
120: Hunter Gutierrez (L) p. Dylan Feehan  1:28
126: Josh Bollard (JL) d. Adam Krinic  8-6
132: Luke Moynihan (L) tf. Jonathon Recio  19-3 5:10
138: Shaun Plaza (JL) p. Evan Cyphers  0:32
145: Logan Carter (L) md. Ian Boyce  9-1
152: Luke Gauthier (L) tf. Anthony Capasso  15-0 2:27
160: Trevor Krinic (L) p. Eric Heitmann  0:47

1/3: Lacey  59  -  Manchester  15
145: Logan Carter (L) by forfeit
152: Trevor Krinic (L) by forfeit
160: Luke Gauthier (L) p. Kyle Rembach  0:12
170: Jackson Brandt (L) d. Joseph Pender  6-2
182: Quint Kearns (L) by forfeit
195: Vincent Ceglie (L) tf. Blaise Lawson  15-0 4:42
220: Joshua Scott (M) by forfeit
285: Jon Rioux (L) by forfeit
106: Jonathan Salvemini (M) by forfeit
113: Colin Rolak (L) by forfeit
120: Hunter Gutierrez (L) by forfeit
126: Tyler Huston (M) d. Saul Mayorga  7-3 TB
132: Adam Krinic (L) p. Ja'imeer Gaines  3:59
138: Luke Moynihan (L) d. Syrus Colon  8-7

12/27: Lacey Finishes 3rd at Collingswood Tournament

1st Place
152: Luke Gauthier
195: Vin Ceglie

2nd Place
132: Luke Moynihan

3rd Place
160: Jackson Brandt
182: Quint Kearns

12/23: Lacey  44  -  Old Bridge  23
106: Vincent Nadera (OB) md. Nicolas Terzo  11-0
113: Colin Rolak (L) p. Nicholas Ong
120: Hunter Gutierrez (L) d. Jake Wiatroski  2-0
126: Mike Botte (OB) md. Saul Mayorga  10-2
132: Luke Moynihan (L) md. Dylan Ur  12-3
138: Alec Meyers (OB) p. Evan Cyphers
145: Luke Gauthier (L) p. Justin Gonzalez
152: Logan Carter (L) p. Justin Schutte
160: Javi Espinosa (OB) d. Zach Higgins  5-1
170: Jackson Brandt (L) md. Oscar Santiago  12-1
182: Quint Kearns (L) by forfeit 
195: Vincent Ceglie (L) p. Elijah Mack
220: Danny Layne (OB) by forfeit 
285: Jon Rioux (L) d. Paul McDermott  2-0

12/23: Cherokee  37  -  Lacey  27
285: Justin Miller (C) p. Jon Rioux
106: Andrew Aromando (C) p. Nicolas Terzo
113: Colin Rolak (L) p. Ryan Rhoades
120: Cooper Pontelandolfo (C) d. Hunter Gutierrez  6-2
126: Saul Mayorga (L) d. Nate Lapinski  5-3
132: Colin Wickramaratna (C) p. Adam Krinic
138: Luke Moynihan (L) d. Ian Manahan  7-3
145: Luke Gauthier (L) p. Nick Moffa
152: Michael Richter (C) p. Trevor Krinic
160: Ryan Burke (C) md. Zach Higgins  16-7
170: Jackson Brandt (L) d. Zane Klinshaw  5-0
182: Quint Kearns (L) d. Gasperio Alessi  4-3
195: Vincent Ceglie (L) d. Andrew Cardinali  7-1
220: Justin Dickinson (C) by forfeit

12/23: Williamstown  39  -  Lacey  27
220: Tarrence Mitchell (W) by forfeit
285: Samuel Ray (W) d. Jon Rioux  4-2
106: Nicolas Terzo (L) d. Joseph Clark  11-4
113: Colin Rolak (L) by forfeit 
120: Nick DeRosa (W) d. Hunter Gutierrez  5-4
126: Adam Krinic (L) p. Taylor Robinson 
132: Shamun Smith (W) d. Luke Moynihan  9-2 
138: Chad Tracy (W) p. Evan Cyphers  3:47
145: Luke Gauthier (L) p. Joseph Racobaldo  3:01
152: Kevin Tucker (W) p. Trevor Krinic 
160: Brandon Butler (W) d. Zach Higgins  8-4 
170: Nick Cope (W) d. Jackson Brandt  6-5
182: Quint Kearns (L) p. Cody LaGamba  2:43
195: Bryan Martin (W) p. Vincent Ceglie  2:38

12/20: Lacey  66  -  Pinelands  6
106: Nicolas Terzo (L) p. Hayden Jeannotte  0:48
113: Colin Rolak (L) by forfeit
120: Vinny Fantasia (L) md. Bryce Lefevre  8-0
126: Saul Mayorga (L) by forfeit
132: Adam Krinic (L) p. Travis Brown  5:53
138: Luke Moynihan (L) p. Sam Cardillo  2:51
145: Logan Carter (L) d. Gavin Stewart  7-2
152: Luke Gauthier (L) md. Brennan Richardson  12-4
160: Trevor Krinic (L) p. Jacob Mena  3:52
170: Jackson Brandt (L) md. Nick Schano  11-2
182: Quint Kearns (L) d. Chris Milano  8-2
195: Vincent Ceglie (L) p. John Morrin  1:38
220: Avery Maski (P) by forfeit
285: Jon Rioux (L) p. Vinnie Pace  0:44

12/16: Lions Finish 3rd at TCNJ Pride

1st Place
132: Luke Moynihan
145: Luke Gauthier
Hwt: Jon Rioux

2nd Place
120: Adam Krinic
Hwt: Gerard O'Connor

3rd Place
126: Saul Mayorga
160: Jackson Brandt
182: Quint Kearns


2017 Record: 17-9
3rd Place District 27
SJG3 State Sectional Semifinalists
Shore Conference Tournament Qualifiers
2nd Place B-South

Lacey lost four starters from last season's 17 win team, including State qualifier Matt Garrity and Riley D'Ornellas, but return a wealth of proven talent, including three State qualifiers, and five District medalists, and have a host of young returners and talented newcomers spread throughout the lineup, giving this the makings a very strong, balanced lineup.

The lower half of the lineup is flat out loaded here. Junior Hunter Gutierrez is a stud and will see time at 113/120 and possibly even 126 if need be. A 5th place finisher in the State last season, he has twice made the trip to AC, won a pair of District Titles, and has amassed 75 wins through the first two years of his varsity career. There is a great senior class in the lower half as well, highlighted by returning State qualifiers Luke Moynihan and Luke Gauthier. Moynihan enters his senior season as a 3-time District medalist, including a D24 winner in 2015, with 98 career wins to his credit. Gauthier, a 2-time District placer, enters his final season with 86 career wins. They're joined by fellow seniors, Adam Krinic and Tim Downs, who both placed 3rd in the District last year, and 14-match winner Evan Cyphers. Even more experience returns with junior Trevor Krinic, a double digit winner last season. At 106, sophomore Nick Terzo got valuable experience last season, getting 14 bouts in while wrestling behind Gutierrez at 106. Promising frosh Colin Rolak could also make an impact down at 106 for Lacey, as well. Just a solid group all around here.

The upper half of the lineup is a bit less experienced than the lower, but there is anticipation that this hard working group will be able to more than hold their own. Junior Quint Kearns, a transfer from Manchester, is a great addition to this group, and will be surrounded by several frosh looking to make solid contributions, including the very promising Vinnie Ceglie. Also looking to make names for themselves are the sophomore trio of Steven McGauley, Jackson Brandt, and Logan Carter, who missed last season due to injury. Also returning from injury will be junior Zach Higgins, giving even more depth. At heavyweight, Jon Rioux is the lone senior of the uppwerweights and will look to close his career with a breakout season, while providing veteran leadership to an otherwise very young group.

The Lions have not won a Divisional Title since 1999, and with a lineup this solid, they will be looking to end that drought in 2018. To do so, they'll most likely have to go through defending champion, Pt Boro. The two will meet on a Friday night (YES!) at Lacey on January 12th. The Lions will also look to make a strong run in the SJG3 Section, but have a huge obstacle in their way in Delsea, who has won 7 consecutive Sectional Titles. Individually, the Lions will be very well represented in the Shore Conference Tournament, and will once again look to have a strong showing in the post-season tournament. They had four wrestlers on the mats in Atlantic City in 2017, a number they will look to match, or even better, in 2018. They'll also take a shot at getting multiple wrestlers to the podium for the first time since 1999.

Possible Lineup in 2018
 (So) Nick Terzo

 (Fr) Colin Rolak

 (Fr) Vinnie Fantasia

 (So) Mike Chavez

 (Jr) Hunter Gutierrez
42-2 / 5th NJ / 1st R7 / 1st D27
75 wins, 2x Dst champ, 2x NJ qualifier
 (Sr) Tim Downs
21-15 / R7-PQ / 3rd D27

 (So) Dillon Ott

 (Sr) Adam Krinic
18-17 / R7-WB1 / 3rd D27

 (Sr) Saul Mayorga

 (Sr) Luke Moynihan
33-9 / NJ-WB2 / 4th R7 / 2nd D27
98 wins, 3x Dst placer
 (Sr) Evan Cyphers

 (Fr) Raiden Sciamanna

 (So) Logan Carter

Injured in 2017
 (Sr) Luke Gauthier
33-8 / NJ-WB2 / 2nd R7 / 2nd D27
86 wins, 2x Dst placer
 (Jr) Trevor Krinic

 (So) Steven McGauley

 (Jr) Zach Higgins

Injured in 2017
 (So) Jackson Brandt

 (Fr) Mark Aguire

 (Fr) Jose Garcia

 (Jr) Quint Kearns
Transfer from Manchester
 (Fr) Vinnie Ceglie

 (Fr) Mario Ramirez

 (So) Dylan Bartky

 (Sr) Jon Rioux

 (So) Nick Povia

 (Fr) Gerard O'Connor


Graduated in 2017
Post Season
 Riley D'Ornellas
R7-PQ / 3rd D27
 Matt Garrity
NJ-WB4 / 2nd R7 / 1st D27
 Vinny Cinardo

 Nick Fantasia

 Zach Larney


Lacey Township Wrestling